Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning And Cooling

Ducted Evaporative air conditioning works by passing hot, dry air from outside through water-soaked filter mats.
Water evaporation occurs in the heated air, reducing the temperature and raising the humidity.
When the humidity in the air rises, the air becomes less irritating to the eyes, skin, and lungs.
It does not leave you itching or dry.


This cooling method works best in locations with arid, scorching summers. Summers in Melbourne, for example, are dry and hot, making evaporative cooling suitable for the city and the state of Victoria.

Ducted Evaporative air cooling works well in Australia’s southern states and interior.
If you live in a tropical climate, evaporative cooling will not keep your home cool.
Evaporative cooling works best when a door or window is left open, allowing cool air to flow in via the vents and warm air to depart through the windows.
If your children are playing outside, you can keep a window open, and moving in and out of a door will not affect the cooling system.
You also don’t have to lock off rooms and draw curtains all the time.


Energy Efficient As Well

While cooling your home, Evaporative Coolers can be up to 75% more energy-efficient in terms of running costs than Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning. Evaporative cooling is a simple system that consists of a fan pulling air in over a wet surface and then blowing the cooled air around the house.

Indoor Air Quality and Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative coolers will offer air with more moisture.

This is usually preferable for persons who have respiratory problems.

Evaporative coolers do not require fully sealed doors and windows, and the air in the room is not recirculated, resulting in more fresh air. Furthermore, evaporative coolers do not cause the air to become overly dry.
This keeps your skin and eyes from drying out as a result of being subjected to the constant cool, dry air of a refrigerated system.

Evaporative cooling means you’re breathing in the fresh air – BUT if you’re allergic to pollens or other airborne allergens.
Keep in mind that evaporative coolers necessitate an open window for cross-breeze circulation, which can allow outdoor irritants into your home.

Another advantage of having an evaporative system is that it does not require synthetic refrigerants, as would a refrigerated ducted system.

As a result, an evaporative system could be the greatest choice for your family and the environment.

What is the air quality like?


Ducted Evaporative Cooling To Avoid Asthma?

Individuals with severe asthma must be aware of the air and environmental factors that can set off an asthma attack. For some asthmatics, the weather can be a trigger for respiratory issues, negatively influencing their lives.
It is critical that they choose a climate control system that is comfortable for them and does not irritate their lungs or cause breathing difficulties.

To comprehend the differences between the two methods of air conditioning or cooling. Examine the characteristics of each cooling system.

You’ll see how they differ after you grasp how they work. You will be able to determine which is best for your home in terms of cooling and preserving a healthy indoor atmosphere. To evaluate whether air conditioning or evaporative cooling is superior, we must first understand how they work.


Which system creates a home that is asthma-friendly?

A/C systems that are refrigerated will create cooler and drier air. Some asthmatics have difficulty with the type of air cooling and may find it uncomfortable to be in a car’s air conditioner for extended periods of time. So, how can you stay cool in the summer heat without exacerbating your asthma?
When deciding between evaporative cooling and ducted air conditioning, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each technology.

Air Conditioning That is Refrigerated

Refrigerated air conditioning systems can have an impact on the environment. They can irritate sensitive airways with the dry, chilly air they create. They require a home to be sealed in order to function properly so that the same air circulates throughout the house.

It is critical to keep the filters and pumps clean in order to maintain the air quality in your home. Look for versions with air filtration capabilities.

Temperature regulation

These systems work by extracting moisture from the air. This is performed by exchanging warm, moist air in the room for cool, dry air. Air conditioners are more expensive to operate and use more energy.
Nonetheless, their main advantage is that they can run at almost any temperature and, of course, can heat utilising the reverse cycle option in the winter.

When compared to evaporative cooling, this type of air conditioning has the following drawbacks:

Increased operating costs, increased energy usage
Cleaning and maintenance must be done on a regular basis.
Allergen management

Air conditioners not only chill your entire house by removing humidity and cleaning the air within. They also provide high-efficiency filters that remove a wide range of allergens from the air you breathe.

Air conditioners must be cleaned and serviced on a regular basis to maintain effective allergy control. This maintains the filters clean or allows you to replace them as needed.

Both can help with allergy symptoms.
Individuals with asthma must prioritise prevention as part of their asthma management.
Indoor allergens (dust, pollution, and animal dander) should be avoided, as should outdoor allergens (pollen, mould, and chemical irritants).
According to a recent scientific study, even in industrial towns, homes and other structures can be more polluted than outdoor air.
Furthermore, a lack of external air circulation indoors can result in the accumulation of toxins, which can pose a health risk, particularly for people with respiratory difficulties.
Individuals suffering from environmental asthma may find that evaporative coolers alleviate their symptoms.

Beyond Heating and Cooling professionals can assist you in selecting the most appropriate air conditioning system that fulfils your family’s needs.

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